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  • WX Breach Glasses
  • WX Gase
  • WX Cleaning Cloth
  • WX Cavity Seal
  • WX Temple Strap
  • WX Leach Cord


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  • The WX BREACH is the epitome of function and built to withstand even the harshest environments. The removable Facial Cavity™ Seal blocks any irritants or peripheral light, and the thin temples with a rubber layer fused into the ends, secure a snug fit to your face. The model’s dynamic ventilation system’s vents can let air in to help cool you down or eliminate fogging. As with all models from our Climate Control series, a floating Facial Cavity™ Seal can be purchased to the WX BREACH, ensuring that the sunglasses do not sink, if they are dropped in water*. So, whether you are racing on or taking on the great outdoors, the WX BREACH is ready to work when you are!*The increased weight of prescription lenses can affect the buoyancy properties of the floating Facial Cavity™ Seal.
  • Grey lenses

    The grey lenses absorb all colors equally, making them preserve the same color perception as without sunglasses. They are perfect in bright light conditions, they ensure maximum glare reduction, and are perfect for all outdoor activities in bright conditions.
    100% UVA/UVB protective

  • Highlights

  • Dynamic Ventilation System
  • Anti Fog Coating
  • Rubberised temples
  • Rubberised nose pads
  • Removable Facial Cavity™ Seal
  • Button temple tip strapSX
  • Leash cord
  • Case

A valid defence is required to purchase any Airsoft Replica Firearm. If you don’t have a defence you must add Two Tone to your basket.

If you require a RIF to be painted two-tone to be VCRA compliant (No Valid Defence / Site Membership / UKARA etc) then please add TWO TONE to your order.

If you require a RIF to be painted two-tone to be VCRA compliant (No Valid Defence / Site Membership / UKARA etc) then please add TWO TONE to your order.

To purchase a realistically coloured Airsoft Replica Firearm (RIF) you must have a valid defence.  The most common of these is UKARA which stands for United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association and is essentially a database of registered players.  UKARA requires you must be a site member at any of the registered UK Airsoft sites.  This means you must play 3 games in MORE  than 56 Days. Once you become a member you are added to the database, please note paperwork and validation is required.  There are other types of defence, but UKARA is by far the most popular.  Please note this only applies to the gun, not the kit or accessories.

If you don’t yet have a defence, you can always add two-tone to your order. This simply means you have 51% painted in a bright colour such as green, blue or orange.  You can then purchase any RIF you wish.

If you have any questions regarding what is or isn’t a defence, or just looking for some general airsoft advice, then please drop us a call or contact us here


All items available in stock are available to collect in-store from our Nottingham or Sheffield bases. Alternatively, standard delivery is 3-5 days and is charged at £5.95 per order.

UK Airsoft sites are twinned with two playing sites in the midlands, both UKARA registered.  If Woodland is your preference, then take a look at Skirmish Airsoft. Located in the heart of Sherwood Forest, with several playing zones. It also has “Commando Rolls” catering facility and large ample car parking. The site has excellent facilities, including some safe-zone plug sockets for charging of batteries.

CQB your thing?  Within the store at UK Airsoft Nottingham we have 8000 square feet of purpose built CQB map.  It opens most Sundays and some midweek dates so get yourself booked in at Skirmish CQB.  There is also an electronic Attack Sense Target Range which is also open most days, but please call for availability.