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WELL MB13D sniper rifle replica with scope and bipod


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Length: 1145 mm
Weight: 4080 g
Made of: metal and plastic
Muzzle velocity: ~ 400 FPS
Powered by: a spring
Magazine capacity: 30 BB pellets
The set includes the scope and a bipod
Manufacturer: WELL

Weight 4.08 kg
Dimensions 114.5 cm

European Hub (14-21 Days)

Defence Required


FPS (ON 0.20g BB)


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    MB13D sniper rifle replica with scope and bipod

The replica is made of metal elements and plastic. The replica’s body, the stock and the magazine holding 30 BB pellets are made of plastic. The rest of the elements such as the barrel, the bolt, the stock’s pipe, the cocking handle, the trigger and the 22mm RIS rail are made of metal. The stock’s foot is made of rubber. After unscrewing two screws the replica is disassembled into two parts: the barrel assembly with the trigger mechanism and the replica’s body.

The ergonomic body was made of durable plastic. The comfortable pistol grip and the stock make that the replica lies in the hands perfectly and firing it is very comfortable. The stock which is adjustable with the help of pads is also very important and allows to take a comfortable position by every shooter on the condition of  adjusting its length properly. The stock’s and pistol grip’s designs are borrowed from the varieties existing in many carbines and assault rifles what makes it possible that they can be replaced whenever the user finds it necessary.

Such construction allows a full adaptation to the shooter’s anatomy and, what is followed by it – staying immobile for a longer period of time  what in the case of a sniper plays a vital role.

There is a RIS rail located on the bottom part of the body which allows to mount the bipod which is included with the set and which guarantees a better stability while firing. The barrel is ended with a flash-hider.

The set includes a scope with a 4-9 times magnification and the lens’ diameter of 30mm that is mounted on the top RIS rail. The scope itself is equipped with a set of smaller RIS rails which allow to attach additional smaller devices as a laser target marker, for example

    The set includes:

– the replica,
– a magazine holding 30 BB Pellets,
– a set of tools,
– a speed-loader,
– a bipod,
– a scope,

A valid defence is required to purchase any Airsoft Replica Firearm. If you don’t have a defence you must add Two Tone to your basket.

If you require a RIF to be painted two-tone to be VCRA compliant (No Valid Defence / Site Membership / UKARA etc) then please add TWO TONE to your order.

If you require a RIF to be painted two-tone to be VCRA compliant (No Valid Defence / Site Membership / UKARA etc) then please add TWO TONE to your order.

To purchase a realistically coloured Airsoft Replica Firearm (RIF) you must have a valid defence.  The most common of these is UKARA which stands for United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association and is essentially a database of registered players.  UKARA requires you must be a site member at any of the registered UK Airsoft sites.  This means you must play 3 games in MORE  than 56 Days. Once you become a member you are added to the database, please note paperwork and validation is required.  There are other types of defence, but UKARA is by far the most popular.  Please note this only applies to the gun, not the kit or accessories.

If you don’t yet have a defence, you can always add two-tone to your order. This simply means you have 51% painted in a bright colour such as green, blue or orange.  You can then purchase any RIF you wish.

If you have any questions regarding what is or isn’t a defence, or just looking for some general airsoft advice, then please drop us a call or contact us here


All items available in stock are available to collect in-store from our Nottingham or Sheffield bases. Alternatively, standard delivery is 3-5 days and is charged at £5.95 per order.

UK Airsoft sites are twinned with two playing sites in the midlands, both UKARA registered.  If Woodland is your preference, then take a look at Skirmish Airsoft. Located in the heart of Sherwood Forest, with several playing zones. It also has “Commando Rolls” catering facility and large ample car parking. The site has excellent facilities, including some safe-zone plug sockets for charging of batteries.

CQB your thing?  Within the store at UK Airsoft Nottingham we have 8000 square feet of purpose built CQB map.  It opens most Sundays and some midweek dates so get yourself booked in at Skirmish CQB.  There is also an electronic Attack Sense Target Range which is also open most days, but please call for availability.