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Tag Innovations Velum MK2 RED Smoke Grenade (Pack of 10 – KC Version)



Defence Required



3-4 Days

Tag Innovations Velum Red Smoke Grenade (Pack of 10)

TAG Innovation’s revolutionary range of grenades and launchers for training and tactical war games, have made a big impact in the airsoft community and are favoured by Mil-Sim players. The Velum Smoke Projectile is made from ‘trauma-safe’ lightweight polyurethane foam and is unbelievably accurate thanks to its spinning movement during flight. This spinning stabilizes the grenade until initiation.

Ideal for game scenarios where cover is sparse & the opposition may have the upper hand. Deploy this smoke and you can flip the tables creating cover and obscuring the opposition’s visibility. Mil-Sim players may also find it useful for way-point marking as well as a smoke screen. This starter kit comes with eight Velum projectiles and one required Shell Launcher. To send one of these bad boys flying you use the Shell Launcher in conjunction with your regular airsoft grenade launcher. The Shell Launcher is primed with Gas or CO2 which impressively propels the Velum towards its target. When the launcher strikes the projectile the fuse is activated, igniting the smoke.

The launcher is designed for use with CO2 but work brilliantly on green gas too, due to the oversized chamber valve and internal porting on the aluminium base. They don’t use a lot of gas at all and are quite amazing just dry-firing them. The bang is VERY loud! The extruded composite plastic is very tough, in fact it’s made from made of extremely durable aviation polymer. They do however require maintenance from time to time just as any other gas grenade and it’s good practice to add a squirt of silicone oil in the gas filler valve every now and then.

A valid defence is required to purchase any Airsoft Replica Firearm. If you don’t have a defence you must add Two Tone to your basket.

If you require a RIF to be painted two-tone to be VCRA compliant (No Valid Defence / Site Membership / UKARA etc) then please add TWO TONE to your order.

If you require a RIF to be painted two-tone to be VCRA compliant (No Valid Defence / Site Membership / UKARA etc) then please add TWO TONE to your order.

To purchase a realistically coloured Airsoft Replica Firearm (RIF) you must have a valid defence.  The most common of these is UKARA which stands for United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association and is essentially a database of registered players.  UKARA requires you must be a site member at any of the registered UK Airsoft sites.  This means you must play 3 games in MORE  than 56 Days. Once you become a member you are added to the database, please note paperwork and validation is required.  There are other types of defence, but UKARA is by far the most popular.  Please note this only applies to the gun, not the kit or accessories.

If you don’t yet have a defence, you can always add two-tone to your order. This simply means you have 51% painted in a bright colour such as green, blue or orange.  You can then purchase any RIF you wish.

If you have any questions regarding what is or isn’t a defence, or just looking for some general airsoft advice, then please drop us a call or contact us here


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