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Army Custom 5.1 Hi-Capa with Costa Compensator (Full Metal – Tan – R501)


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This gas powered Airsoft pistol is an amalgamation of equally popular 1911 and Hi-Capa platforms, creating a sidearm which is both user friendly and well-performing. The use of Hi-Capa style magazines means that you get not only a very decent capacity of 30 BBs per magazine, but a huge gas reservoir which ensures that you will be able to get plenty of shots before needing to refill.

The upper slide of the pistol is from from Alloy, along with the Frame, Outer Barrel Assembly and Custom Compensator. This gives the pistol a hefty overall weight (just over 1kg), and a strong recoil as the slide cycles during use. The compensator is added to replicate the look of a very famous competitive shooter’s handgun. (Hint: they spent many years with the US Coastguard). On the underside of the frame is a 20mm Accessory Rail which can be used to mount Torches, Lasers or anything else that will fit, to further enhance your performance on the Airsoft battlefield. The trigger is a skeletonised design which is made from very tough Polymer, and has a comfortable pull with a discernible break point. The stippled grip offers more than ample grip in all environments, and even when wearing gloves, but isn’t aggressively sharp so that it is still comfortable without gloves. The magazine release has an exposed thread which is very handy for installing aftermarket magazine releases, to make it easier to use. A flared magwell makes it much easier to insert magazines, allowing you to focus on the skirmish and less on what your body is doing. The fire controls imitate the 1911/Hi-Capa platform, meaning you have a Beavertail safety which prevents the pistol from firing unless it is gripped properly, as well as a physical slide lock to keep you safe (provided you use them). The pistol has a Gear Style HOP Adjustment wheel which can be found on the underside of the slide once it is removed from the frame. This allows you to apply backspin to your BBs and theoretically improve range/consistency when coupled with the correct BB weight.